How to Build a Small Wardrobe for Small Bedroom

Wardrobes are one among the basic residential needs of the families. However, adjusting a wardrobe in the small bedroom can be a tricky activity. Anyhow, you do not need to give up as it is a bit difficult not impossible at all. Building a small wardrobe for small bedroom requires some basic carpentry and drywall installation skills. In addition to that, this simple guide contains the detailed description of the steps involved in it, making it an easy task for you. All you have to do is, purchase the required materials from your nearest market and get ready to build the required small wardrobe for your small bedroom.

Things you will need:

– Measuring tape
– Studs
– Hammer
– Various wood screws and nails
– Framing gun
– Room’s ceiling rafters
– Floor joist
– Drywall
– Paint
– Bars
– Shelves
– Drawers


  • 1

    Select the location

    First of all select the right location to build the closet in your small bedroom. It is better to choose the corner of the room for this purpose so that you can have space to accommodate the other bedroom equipments.

  • 2

    Build a Frame of the wardrobe

    Now use a measuring tape to measure the selected area and built a frame. As your bedroom is small in size, it is better to build a frame with approximately 2x4s on the ground. Set the studs right on the center of the wardrobe frame and use a framing gun to secure it from various angles.

  • 3

    Install and secure the wardrobe frame

    Carefully lift the frame into the selected place, check level and plumb. Now secure it to your room’s ceiling rafters and the floor joist, using a good quality framing gun.

  • 4

    Drywall the wardrobe

    Drywall your newly installed wardrobe, then mud it, tape and finally apply paint. Turn on the fan of the room and leave it for some time until the paint dries completely.

  • 5

    Install Wardrobe Bars

    Fix up the wardrobe’s bars, shelves, along with drawers, according to your requirement. Finish your wardrobe’s project with the installation of the door – of you want. Otherwise, you can keep it open if you think your room is safe from the dust particles.

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