How to Make a Wooden Folding Screen

Adding artful decorations can be great for your house. It can give your living space a lot of style and class and one feels good about that. One decoration that can stand out is a wooden folding screen. It gives a real classy look to your interior.

The folding wooden screens do cost a bit and if you want to make then at home, you can do it. It takes a bit of effort and the right tools and if you are willing, you can make an excellent addition to your home décor.


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    Get the Supplies

    Go to your local hardware store and get three six feet tall and two feet wide wooden sheets, knobs and hinges for the purpose of making the screen. Also, get wooden trims of similar length to the size of the sheets. Do not get them in full length and get the required length in smaller pieces. Get some glue and screws as well. Make sure that you have good quality screw drivers as well as a drill at home. If you need them, you can purchase them or even rent them from the hardware store for a day or two.

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    The next step is to prepare the sheets for the process. Sand them to give them an even finish. Make sure that you clean the surface well afterwards with the help of a cloth. You can also put some polish on the sheets as the shine will look really good on the screen. Stain the knobs and the trim to give it a similar look to the boards.

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    Place the wooden panels side by side on the floor and put the hinges approximately two feet from the top and bottom on all of them. You will need to add four instead of two on the centre board. Mark where the hinges will be placed and drill small holes for the screws so that when you drive them in, they go in with ease. Driving screws into the wood is not an easy task. Put the knobs on as well so that the screen can be moved.

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    Put the Trim On

    The next thing to do is to glue the trim to the wooden screen. Make sure that you do this carefully as the glue should not ruin the look of the trim. Put it on all the edges of the screen.

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