How to Clean an Awning on a House

It is natural for awnings on houses to get dirty over a period of time. If that is the case with the awning on your house, you will need to clean it properly.

A dirty awning is nothing short of an eyesore and you should infact make it a routine to clean the awning on your house at least twice a year.

Things Required:

– Mild dishwashing liquid
– Warm water
– Large spray bottle
– Ladder
– Broom
– Soft-bristled scrub brush
– Water hose
– Weatherproofing canvas fabric sealant
– Weatherproofing wood sealant


  • 1

    Prepare a mixture of equal parts of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. The temperature of the water you use should be somewhere around 102 Fahrenheit. Stir if required and pour the mixture into a large, plastic spray bottle.

  • 2

    Place a ladder about half a foot away from the extreme edge of the awning you plan to clean and carefully climb on it. Look for loose debris on the surface of the awning. Brush away any debris you see with a broom.

  • 3

    Apply a heavy coat of cleaning mixture that you prepared in the first step onto the surface of the awning you are cleaning. Make sure the entire surface is properly covered with the cleaning liquid. Allow time for the mixture to set in before moving on to the next step.

  • 4

    Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to scrub the entire surface of the awning you are cleaning. You may have to use a larger, long-handled brush if the awning you are cleaning is fairly large in size.

  • 5

    If it is a leather canvas awning you are cleaning, rinse away the leather using pressurised water from a water hose. Apply a uniform layer of weatherproofing canvas fabric sealant on entire surface of the awning to provide protection against harsh climatic conditions. Clean the underside of the canvas in a similar fashion and apply canvas sealant to seal off your work.

  • 6

    Apart from canvas, thin sheets of wood are also sometimes used to making awnings. If that is the case, do not use water because it would damage the wood. Instead, simply clean with the cleaning mixture and apply weatherproofing wood sealant on both sides of the awning.

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