How to Build a Stone Wall

Stone walls architecture has been used for centuries. There are many examples like the pyramids of Egypt are made of stones. Today these stone walls are build in the gardens to beautifully and peacefully arrange the plants. Stone walls reflect a sense of neatness and grace.

With stone walls you can easily create surroundings in any shape you desire. In addition, these stones walls not only add to the beauty of your garden but they also have many good benefits that is to save you from fire, water or insects. Moreover, make a natural way of drainage by allowing the water to simply get absorbed in or pushed out quickly.
Don’t worry if you haven’t done this sort of thing before in your life. This article will explain how to build the stone wall on your own and also about appropriate things required.

Things Required:

– Stones
– Shovel
– Stone Glue Gum
– Scrapper


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    Choosing the location:

    In order to build your own stone wall the first step is to choose the location where you want to build the wall. You can mark a guide line with the help of a shovel.

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    Digging it out:

    Once the entire line is marked, check it again for right alignment and if its not rightly aligned then correct the line again. Now dig out about 10 inch deep trench with a shovel.

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    Now as you have digged out the area to build the stone wall, the next step is to lay out the first layer of stones, Before installing the stones give a base layer of the stone gum glue first and then fix the stones on it. Moreover as this is the first layer so make sure that the stones are at a distance of about one inch from one another. Also start by placing the largest stones in the first layer.

    Before putting another layer of stones don’t forget to firmly load the area between the stones with a suitable amount of adhesive. Now lay down another layer by first giving the base layer of adhesive and then fixing stones on it. At the same time make sure that you are building a straight stone wall.

    Now working in the same manner, build another layer and continue this until the desired height is attained.

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    Now as we are done building the stone wall, there might be some adhesive left giving an untidy look . So in order to give it a neat effect,  scrape away the extra glue from the wall with a scraper.

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