How to Install Cork Wall Panels

Have you been lately thinking that your room looks too simple and you need to add an artistic touch to it? Or the old wall panelling may be too old for you liking and you willing to spend some money and time to install new wall panelling yourself.

Cork, apart from its use in wine bottles and message boards is also used in wall panelling. You can install attractive cork wall panels yourself to give your room the touch of beauty that you are looking for.


– Measuring tape
– Adhesive material
– Small chop saw
– Utility knife
– 3/4 inch brads
– Cork sheets


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    First you need to cut out appropriate sized cork pieces from the cork sheets. Using a measuring tape, measure the wall area on which you want to install the cork wall panels. Be precise while taking the measurements and remember to divide your measurements into sections because it is understandable you can not use one big cork panel to cover the whole wall.

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    Now it comes to cutting the cork according to the measurements you took. Do not use a reciprocating saw for cutting the cork because you will not be able to get a clean finish. Use a small chop saw instead. Keep dry fitting the cork pieces to the wall as you cut them.

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    Apply a uniform layer of adhesive to a tempered board. Make sure you spread the adhesive well and that no areas are left. If you do not apply adhesive layer properly, you will end up with pocket holes when the cork is attached.

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    The cork pieces you cut earlier now have to be attached to tempered boards one by one. The adhesive material you applied will help stick cork pieces to the tempered board. Place a cork piece over a tempered board and press firmly wipe down the cork piece to make sure it sticks to its place.

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    Check if the cork piece is a proper fit or not. If it is not, remove excess call from all sides using a sharp utility knife. To make the cork wall panels hold for a longer period of time, reinforce the cork panels with 3/4 inch brads.

    Continue in this manner until you have finished installing all of the cork wall panels.

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