How to Glaze a Metal Sash

Metal sashes are mostly used so that glasses can be replaced easily. If the glass is broken or you want to place a different colour glass in your windows then you can easily take them off from the metal sashes. However, the steps for glazing may slightly be different after the availability of many varieties of metal sashes.

Things Required:

– Screw driver
– Putty Knife
– Small, flat paint brush


  • 1

    Ways of glazing metal sashes

    There are two ways for which you can replace broken glass with new ones in metal sashes. You can either do glazing on the outside of the metal sashes or on the inside. Remember to protect your fixtures and furniture and other household products before glazing metal sashes. This is because there may be spilling or dripping of putty which will damage the finish of the bathroom fixtures. You can cover the fixtures with plastic sheets and for furniture etc, you can always move them away from windows during this process.

  • 2

    Remove the old putty and broken glass

    First of all you need to take out the old putty and the broken glass. The removing procedure is similar to that of a wooden sash. Then you need to clean the edges of metal sash before installing the new glass. In case there may be wire spring clips which needs to be removed for taking out the old glass.

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    Installing the new glass

    You need to embed the new glass in putty before placing. Then you need to apply putty on the metal where the glass will rest. Later push the glass firmly on the metal sash.

  • 4

    Apply the wire spring clips

    You need to attach the wire spring clips in order to join the glass tightly together with metal sashes. Remember that these clips are in their place through the holes bored in the metal sashes.

  • 5

    Apply the face putty

    In the end you need to apply the face putty. You can do it in the same was as you apply on a wooden sash.

  • 6

    Alternate method

    For glazing metal sashes on the inside, you should first remove the broken glass by unscrewing metal beading and glazing strips. After this, you need to ward off the remaining putty and clear the glaze.

    Reapply the new putty on the metal sashes in similar way mentioned above. Then install the new glass. Remember to fasten the beading and glazing strips again. However, take caution when doing this as you do not want to break the glass.

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