How to Make a Cabinet Door

Cabinet doors make your kitchens and bathrooms more beautiful. They not only provide the necessary covering for the cabinets, but also increase their longevity.

Things Required:

– Sheet goods .75 inches (2.0 cm) thick for slab doors
– .25-inch (0.5 cm) plywood for flat panel door
– .75-inch (2.0 cm)wood for stiles and rails
– Hinges
– Door knobs
– Glue
– Glue brushes
– Router table
– Router
– Stile and coping router bits plus cabinet door bits
– Round-over bit
– Table or circular saw
– Bar clamps
– Space balls for spacer in door panel
– Stain or paint


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    First of all, you have to choose the type of door which you want to make for your cabinets. There are basically two types of doors (slab and flat panel) which are mostly used in the households. You should choose a door which best suits your requirements and which you can maintain or clean easily.

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    Choose the right material for the door. Mostly, slab doors are made up of plywood. You can also use MDF (medium density fiberboard) to give a wood grain look to your door. Moreover, use wooden glue to attach the solid piece of wood with the frame.

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    Now, you have to take the necessary measurements to cut the wood to make the door for your cabinet. Use the circular saw or table saw to cut the door from the wood sheet. Make the edges smooth with the help of a router. 

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    After that, you have to install the hinges on one side of the cabinet along with the door knob in order to hang the cabinet door. Tighten all the bolts to complete the process of installation. In the end, install the catcher to keep the door intact with the cabinet.

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