How to Hang a Picture on a Wall

You recently had a fantastic photograph printed and framed and now you just want to set it up somewhere on the wall? It’s easier said than done. There are certain ideal locations on the wall which you need to keep in focus before you start hammering nails. You must first find that ideal spot and then start hammering the wall so the picture can hang well and looks good on the wall as well.


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    You must first decide where exactly do you want to hang the picture that you have. It will look quite odd if the picture frame is small and the wall is large. The ratio between the two needs to be perfect. At times there are certain dynamics which must be kept under focus. For instance, a small frame may look bigger with the room and the wall being small as well. This is how you can decide whether the picture will look good on a certain wall or not. Art will always look better when it can extend the lines of furniture, or when it is grouped together.

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    Once you have the picture, make sure you know whether to hang on the wallboard or would you require a wall stud or a beam. In case the picture is light, you can easily use the wallboard and hang the picture on it. However, if the picture frame is heavy, you must hang it on a wall stud or a beam.

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    Always keep testing where the picture will look good. Keep trying different places.

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    Once you have made up your mind regarding the place where you would like to hang the picture, use a pencil to mark the spot. Make sure you mark the area where the top edge of your frame is going to be.

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    Now you will require an appropriate hook which can help you hang the picture through nails. Either a two-piece nail-and-hook or a hollow-wall anchor can be used to heavier frames.

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    Hold the frame’s wire, which is basically going to hang it on the wall. The space between the wire taut and the frame’s top edge, you must measure this distance and mark it with a pencil. This little space is where the hook is going to be placed.

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    Right after you have made the mark for the hook, nail the picture hook into the wall.

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    Now you can hang the picture and make sure it is straight.

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