How to Hang a Wallpaper Border

You can employ wallpaper borders to add visual appeal to your room. These borders come in different colors, designs and textures to match the theme of your room. You can hang them over a wallpaper itself or on their own. Since they are just borders and are smaller in size than actual wallpapers, they are easier to install and ask for basic craft skills. A project that is going to take barely an afternoon and worth every joule of the effort. Have a look ta the details our step by step guide offers.

Things required:

– Ruler/tape measure and a level
– Paste or activator
– Tub of water
– Sponge and pails
– Adhesive
– Spools of wallpaper border
– Scissors


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    Measure the area you want to cover with the border. Determine the length of wallpaper that you are going to need. Rolls of wallpaper usually come in lengths of 5 yards so this will give you an idea of the number of rolls you will need. It is always best to account for wastage accidental wear and tear and so get some extra length.

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    Mark points and primer:

    Use a pencil to mark the line where you want to place the top of your wallpaper border. Use a measuring tape to measure the length of the wall. Use this length to cut the border, allowing 3 inches extra for overlap at corners. You can cut the paper using a knife or paper cutter but do use a ruler to cut straight.

    Applying a coat of primer helps in making the border stick to the wall well. Use a brush to apply a coat of good quality primer over the area you marked above for the border.

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    Apply or activate adhesive:

    If the border is pre-pasted, soak it slightly in a tub of water for thirty seconds to activate the paste. After you take out the border from the tub, gently fold it in half in a way that the two paste sides press into each other. This helps develop the adhesive.

    If it is not pre-pasted, apply paste to the back.

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    Hang border:

    It is better to start with walls that are relatively inconspicuous like above the door. This way, even if you have mismatched seams, they will not ruin the effect of the whole room.

    Start hanging the border, following the drawn line. If it is very long, ask someone to hold one end for you. You can also hold it easily by folding both ends towards the circle and than opening up the rolls as you go on hanging.

    Press the borders flat  and remove lumps with a smoothing brush.

    Overlap two border pieces at corners in such a way that the seams are not visible and blend into each other. An approximately two inch of overlap makes this possible. Try that the seams fall at the corners of the walls. If they do fall in the middle and you have to overlap, then the patterns of the two borders must match.

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