How to Build a Stone Fence

Building a stone fence is a great weekend project that you can do to help add a rustic look to your home. If you want to keep out unwanted animals from your yard, a stone fence is just the right thing for you. It is not difficult to build a decent stone fence if you follow some basic instructions and have a little time to spare.

Things Required:

– Shovel
– Gravel
– GPS Unit
– Mortar (optional)
– Cut Stone


  • 1

    Fence measurements:

    Take some time and measure the length and width that you want for your stone fence. Use a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit to make an exact line that your fence will follow.

  • 2

    Choose stone:

    Once you have made all the necessary measurements, choose the appropriate stone for the fence. There is a good variety of stones available but limestone and granite are mostly used. It is always a good idea to use locally available stones as they will cost a lot less and will be easy to find.

  • 3

    Rectangle shaped stones:

    Make sure you get cut stones from a quality supplier. You will want each stone to have a slight rectangle shape to make it a lot easier to fit together for the fence. Try to mix and match a different variety of stones to break the monotony of the same stone throughout the fence.

  • 4

    Build base:

    Dig a trench following the fence line by using the shovel. Once you have completed this, fill it with gravel and put some flat stones on top. Make sure everything is stable and nothing is wobbling around as this is the base of your stone fence.

  • 5

    Add stones:

    Now that you have made a solid base or foundation for your fence, start adding the stones. Follow the row as you place each stone down on the base. Keep layering the stones until you get to the desired height. Remember to take your time so that each stone is secure and fits perfectly in place. Depending on the type of stone fence you are making, you can easily add a little mortar for some extra stability to the overall structure.

  • 6

    Make pattern:

    Try to make a pattern with the stones as you layer them on top of each other. If you have different colored stones then try to alternate between them to give your fence a nice look. You can also mix different types of stones in your fence. Just try to keep the entire fence aesthetically pleasing as you come up with a satisfactory pattern.

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