How to Measure for a Fencing Mask

Fencing is one of the most tricky games with potential dangers as it is an activity of bladed weapons where you can get wounded any time. Therefore, players are allowed to use a fencing mask and chest protector in order to save themselves from getting injured. Fencing masks are an essential tool to cover your entire head area, which is a very sensitive part of your body. Therefore, make sure to know the art to measure a fencing mask in order to buy a one according your head’s size for comfort’s sake, ensuring that your vision isn’t obstructed in any way.

Measuring for a fencing mask doesn’t require gauging skills. You can perform it without anyones help. All you need is measuring tape. Once you measure your head’s upright perimeter properly, you would be able to buy a comfortable mask to protect your head during the game.

Things Required:

– Flexible measuring tape
– Ballpoint or marker
– Ruler


  • 1

    Measuring for a Fencing Mask is based on your head’s perpendicular (up right) circumference. Set one end of the flexible measuring tape underneath your chin (from under your jaw) and hold with one hand.

  • 2

    Now use the other hand to pull the open end of the tape up the front side of your face and over your right ear.

  • 3

    Gently carry the tape across the top of your head and then bring it down over the left ear.

  • 4

    At this moment, don’t leave the open end of the measuring tape and  bring it back to the starting point, from where your started measuring your head’s circumference.

  • 5

    Once the tape’s end meet the starting point, place one of your finger on the exact spot and use a ballpoint or marker to mark it.

  • 6

    Lay the measuring tape on a smooth surface and read the measurements that it shows.

  • 7

    Now use a scale/ruler to measure the overall length. Use this reading to buy a comfortable Fencing Mask.

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