How to Reduce Heat From Skylights

Many people install skylights on the roofs of their houses, in order to increase the amount of light in the rooms. In the meantime, some people also use them in the winter season, allowing the sunlight to come directly in the rooms, making them warm.

Moreover, skylights also add to the beauty of the room structure. However, the heat coming through the skylight might start irritating you, especially in the summer season. That is the time when you must think about reducing the heat level. Many people might think that what can be the best way to reduce the heat coming from the skylights. If you are among them and plan to completely cover the skylight with a piece of cloth and any other sheet, then you should avoid taking that decision. You can easily reduce the heat, without affecting the other benefits that skylights provide. There are a number of methods by which you can reduce the heat. However, you should go for the option which suits you the best.


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    Using Custom-Designed Shades to Reduce Heat:

    You can install a window covering over your skylight, which will help in reducing the heat coming through it. You can easily buy custom-designed shades available in the market, which can be placed on the skylight in order to stop the unwanted sun rays to penetrate through the glass or the plastic sheet of the skylight. Yet, you should also keep one thing in your mind that the shades will reduce the level of sunlight to come into the room. If the main purpose of the installing skylight was to have more light coming in, then using shades will not serve your purpose.

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    Changing the Location of the Skylight to Reduce Heat:

    Installing the skylight at a different place can also reduce the heat coming through it. According to the California Energy Commission, the skylights facing the west can bring in huge amount of heat in the house. Therefore, one must consider installing the skylights either on the north side of the roof or at the south side.

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    Open the Skylights to Reduce Heat:

    Some skylights have the option to open like normal windows. Therefore, if you have the same kind of skylight installed on your roof, you can open it, which will allow the hot air in the room to escape. In the meantime, you will still have the light coming in your room, making it brighter.

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