How to Install a Motion Sensing Switch

Motion Sensing Switches are one among the unique inventions in the field of Electromagnetism as it is one of the best and easiest ways to conserve energy. The installation of Motion Sensing Switch drastically cuts down your electricity bill. It automatically turn the lights on and off whenever it detects motion. Besides offering best energy-saving opportunities, this simple addition has many other useful aspects. For example, you can install a Motion Sensing Switch in the external entrance or car porch of your house in order to keep an eye on the unnecessary movements of individuals and animals etc. So, are you ready to replace the traditional switches of your house with the Motion Sensing Switches? If yes, then read this simple guide very carefully and enjoy this effortless do-it-yourself project.

Things Required:

– Sensor switch
– Circuit tester
– Screwdriver
– Wire strippers
– Wire connectors
– Electricians tape


  • 1

    Turn off main switch

    Turn off the power at the main circuit box or fuse box of your house so that you can install the motion sensing switch safely. To be on the safe side, confirm that the power is completely off by flipping the switch on and off.

  • 2

    Remove the wall plate cover

    Loosen the two main screws of the traditional switch and take out its wall plate cover.

  • 3

    Remove the traditional switch

    Use a sharp wire cutter to disconnect all the wires as the back of the traditional switch.

  • 4

    Study the motion-sensor switch

    Now thoroughly study the four main wires (black, red, yellow, and green) connected to the back of the motion-sensor switch.  The red and black wires will be used to connect the motion-sensor switch to the wired coming out of the main wall outlet. The green and yellow wired will be used to install the three-way switch.

  • 5

    Remove the plastic insulation

    Use wire stripper to take away the plastic insulation from the ends of the white and black wires.

  • 6

    Twist the ends of black wire

    Now use needle-nose pliers to twirl the end of the black wire from the motion-sensor (lead) right around the black wire (line-Hot), coming out from the wall. Secure the connection with the help of a wire-connector.

  • 7

    Twist the ends of red wire

    Twist the end of red (lead) wire from the motion-sensor around the white wire (load). Use a wire-connector to lock it.

  • 8

    Wrap the connections

    As an additional safety measure, enfold both of the above connections using an electrical tape. It helps in keeping the wires from pulling apart.

  • 9

    Set the motion sensing switch

    Carefully tuck all the four wires back into the switch box on the wall and place the motion-sensor switch plate into the switch box.

  • 10

    Secure the motion sensing switch

    Use two mounting screws to secure the motion sensing switch to the box. Tighten the screws, using screw driver.

  • 11

    Set the switch cover

    Place the motion sensing switch plate cover over the switch box on the wall and secure it with two more screws.  Now turn on the main switch in order to check the functioning of the motion sensing switch.

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