How to Build a Modified Post and Beam Frame

If you want to build carports, cabins, sheds, garages, barns and other similar buildings, you should consider using a technique called post and beam construction. Some designers use this method for houses but it is recommended to build a house with conventional stud walls. Using this extremely easy and reliable method, you can fix posts to the ground and support a roof by putting beams across. Depending on the construction design and use of the building, you can choose to lead the side walls open or cover them. Post and beam construction method is easy and the materials required are relatively inexpensive.


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    Firstly, you should consider building a foundation. Type of foundation to be used is usually determined by the purpose of post and beam construction. It is recommended to level the ground at the building start before starting construction. You can sink posts into a hole and put concrete around for reliability. Posts are usually held by pouring concrete footing with a metal anchor. Depending on the design you chosen for your post and beam building, you can also add a concrete slab embedded with attachments. Use post anchors for building concrete walls for underground storage and basements in the building. Make sure they are solid enough to support the planned weight of your entire building. It is recommended to consult local building and construction agencies to learn more about laws and regulations applicable in this kind of business.

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    Consider using 4 inch by 4 inch or 6 inch by 6 inch posts for your beam structures. You must install one post in each corner of the building. There should be posts in between the corners as well to support the weight of the building. It is up to you or the civil engineer to choose the length and height of the posts to be used. Building diagonal supports will help you make connections between posts and beam. Use a level device to ensure all the posts are set straight and perfectly aligned.

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    Now place the beams on the posts and attach them to each other following manufacturer’s recommendations. Use of big head screws and strong bolts are common when fastening beams to posts. Depending on the purpose and use of your building, you can choose to use roof trusses for the top.

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    Complete the interior design and flooring of the building. If you plan to use the building for garages, carports and sheds, leave the building unfurnished.

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