How to Illuminate your ceilings

While decorating your room, illuminating the ceiling is of pivotal importance because a well illuminated ceiling will not only add to the beauty of the room but will also reflect light throughout the room.

Ceiling makes up one fourth of the surface space in any room. Considering that fact, you can easily figure what part illuminated ceiling has in the decor of a room.

Things Required:

– Skylight
– Chandelier
– Light paint
– Ceiling lighting
– Floor lamps


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    Installing a skylight is a great way to illuminate the ceiling of your room. Sunlight coming in through the skylight keeps the ceiling illuminated during daytime.

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    Hanging a chandelier to the ceiling will work. Chandeliers send light all across the room and towards the ceiling as well, thus illuminating the ceiling and rest of the room as well. Most ceilings have a power outlet in their centre from where you can supply power to the chandelier. In case your room’s ceiling does not have such an outlet, you can supply power to the chandelier through a power cable which discreetly runs down one of the walls into a power outlet.

    Chandeliers, just like any other decor items, are very fragile. Make sure you handle the chandelier with care while hanging it.

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    Consider painting the ceiling. Use a light colour with matches the rest of the decor. If the ceiling is painted a light colour, it will be more illuminated because light colours reflect more light than they absorb.

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    There may be some beams running across the ceiling of your room. You may add ceiling lighting on these beams. This will drastically improve the ceiling illumination. The beams angle light from the ceiling lighting upwards, thus illuminating the ceiling along with the whole room as well.

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    Floor lamps can also be used to illuminate ceilings. Special half-cone fitted lamps are available in the market. The half-cone on these lamps directs light towards the ceiling thus illuminating it.

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