How to Build a Humanure Compost Bin

Most of the products we use these days are synthetic and therefore, are not natural. Same is true for many foods and even their preparation. Use of chemical fertilisers is common place and we are not aware of the dangers that they pose to our health.

In order to reduce these risks, manure can be used as a fertiliser. It is an excellent option and is extremely rich in essentials that are required by crops. One can build a humanure compost bin in order to utilise the waste. It is simple and very doable.


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    Pick a Spot

    First of all pick a suitable spot for the bin. Ideally it is away from common routes but should be getting lots of sunlight and a bit of moisture as well. Having a tree nearby can also help. You will need not traditional water lines and a pipe with a shower head at the end is good enough.

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    Put Posts in Place

    Start putting the posts in place one by one. Do mark where you want to put the posts on so that you do not have any trouble while doing the actual process. Generally it is a good idea to have these posts approximately five feet apart. Putting them in place is quite simple.

    Dig a two feet hole and place a flat stone at the bottom. Place the post on it and put soil and gravel on it. Keep on adding the soil on it and make a mound. Using some sand is not a bad idea as it will play the role of a binding force.  Pound the soil as you go to make it stay in its place.

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    Put Boards On

    The next step is to put horizontal wooden boards on. Ideally these should be made of unprocessed wood. If you need to cut them to size, you can use a saw or a chainsaw. Continue until all of the posts have boards attached to them.

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    Start Dumping

    Once the compost bin is in place, start dumping the waste in there. If animals are becoming a problem, you can put a latch across the front. Remember that it takes awhile for the manure to be fully prepared as a fertiliser so let it stay for the whole time and you should have some excellent natural fertiliser at the end of the day.

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