How to Save Space in a Kitchen Cabinet

Like most people, kitchen cabinets are usually full of stuff from plates and bowls to utensils and storage containers. Usually we do not have the time to organise everything in the kitchen cabinets and this will definitely cause some overcrowding. Although most kitchen cabinets do have plenty of room, finding things can become a nightmare and be time consuming. If you are feeling frustrated while looking for room in your kitchen cabinets, then there are a few easy guidelines that you can follow to save some space.


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    Set some time aside:

    To save space in your kitchen cabinets will take some time so be sure to set aside a fair bit of free time to do this. It might be best to do this activity on the weekend.

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    Empty kitchen cabinets:

    Carefully take everything out of your kitchen cabinets so that you can evaluate how much space is available to you. Most kitchen cabinets are designed with different sizes in mind so be sure to carefully identify the cabinets that have more space than the others.

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    Throw out items:

    There are probably a lot of different items in your kitchen cabinets that you really don’t need and is just taking up space. Throw out or donate these items if you do not want them anymore. You will find that there are a whole host of different items that you had crammed in the kitchen cabinets that were worthless.

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    Organise items:

    With all of the items out of the kitchen cabinets, try to organise everything in order of size and importance. Put all of the large items like pots and pans over to one side and smaller items to another side. Make a section for all the items that you need on a regular basis.

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    Buy holders, racks and containers:

    Go to any hardware store and you will find a good selection of racks, containers and holders specifically designed to be used in kitchen cabinets. These items are not expensive and will help you organise all of your items. Make sure that you use these items regularly to help you stay organised.

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    Put back items:

    Now that you have your items organised you can easily start putting them back in to the kitchen cabinets. Be sure to put big heavy items towards the back in the bottom cabinets at ground level. All of the items that you use on a regular basis should be put in the front cabinets that are at waist level.

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