How to Maintain Eaves And Gutters

The gutter and eaves of a house are usually the most neglected parts. However, their role in maintaining the system of the house is paramount. The eaves protect the siding, walls and the ceiling of your house from moisture and debris. This is crucial to the foundation of your house. Improper maintenance of eaves and gutters can lead to many problems like rotting of the roof, paint chipping and structural damages due to accumulated debris weight. Mold and spore growth can also occur if these two are left unclean. It is therefore very important that you schedule regular maintenance of your gutters and eaves so that your house remains safe and stable. Well maintained eaves also contribute to the physical appearance of the house and give it a good outlook.


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    Both gutters and eaves should get proper cleaning at least twice a year. Debris that can accumulate there are dust and tree leaves. You need to prevent them from clogging the gutter in time. Otherwise, you will have to hire professional help for unclogging and repairing them.

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    If you do regular cleaning and do not let the debris accumulate, your work will be much easier. Remove the solid dirt first with a broom. Then concentrate on the gutter. If a stream of water passes through it quickly, this means it is unclogged. If it does not, you will have to open it. Spray a stream of fast pressure into it to take out any blockages. You can also use a plumber’s snake for manually forcing the contaminants out, leaving the gutter clean.

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    As for the eaves, do not let water and moisture stand on it for long and damage its structure. Clean the eaves regularly with a pressure washer, bought or rented. The washer cleans your house sidings and gives it a neater look after removing dust and grime. If the eaves have any cracks and holes, fill them with caulk so that there is no way for  moisture and bugs to enter the wood and rot it.

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    Make a regular routine of painting your eaves and house sidings at least once in five years. The paint not only protects the eaves from moisture build up but also increases the attractiveness of your house. A good quality latex paint and primer are going to prove durable and protect for long.

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