How to Use a Rust Neutralizer

A rust neutralizer can not only save you from discarding many metallic items that get affected by rust and corrosion, but can also enhance their surface finish. These liquids come in the form of aerosol sprays and brush-ons. For their proper application, the availability of a mouth mask, gloves and sandpaper/steel wool is a must.

The commercial use of rust neutralizer is usually car related. These liquids act as a bonding agent and preserve the finish of the vehicle. Their main purpose however is to remove the rust that has already formed on the metallic surface.


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    Clean the base metal thoroughly

    The first step in the process of applying rust neutralizer is to properly clean the base metal to be cleaned. This process can be achieved with the help of a sand paper and steel wool, although the former is a better option because it can really smoothen out the surfaces. The scratches problem can be dealt with by using sandpaper with gradually decreasing grits. The electric sander can also be used, but this sort of equipment is normally unavailable at home. The main purpose is to ensure that no tartar, dirt, grease or smudge spots remain on the surface to be cleaned.

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    Apply Neutralizer to the metallic surface

    After ensuring that the base surface has been properly cleaned, the next step is to apply the neutralizer. The application procedures for various neutralizers available in the market differ slightly, and should be read from the back of the pack. While working with round and two faced objects like railing, it is recommended that spray liquids be used.

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    Painting of the surface

    After applying the neutralizer, it is recommended that oil-based or lacquer-based paint on top. Avoid using latex paints because they will not bond properly. Paint should not be applied on top of the neutralizer on surfaces which are below the surface of water.

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