How to Replace a Laundry Tub

Laundry tubs are usually locate near your washing machine in the laundry room and serve as a water and cloth bucket as a well a bath tub for pets. With use, they undergo wear and abrasion and you might have to replace them. The task may look so impossible to you because of the steps involved like removing the old tub, installing a new one etc. but our step by step guide makes the whole process way simpler and easier for you. You do need to have the right tools and of course a new tub. Get working!!

Things Required:

– Bucket
– Crescent or pipe wrench
– Hole saw or utility knife
– Hacksaw
– New tub and faucet


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    Remove Old Tub:

    You have to cut back the water supply connected to the tub before starting to work. Look for the valves under the tub or around it that control the water to your tub. Turn them off. Open up the faucets and drain off any remaining water in the lines.

    Use a wrench to disconnect the water pipes from under the tub. Disconnect the hot line first from the faucet using the wrench. Proceed to the cold water. Place a bucket under the pipes to gather the left over water.

    Loosen up the drain pipe from the tub using your wrench, this time holding your bucket under it.

    You have to move the nuts attached to hold faucet with tub in an anticlockwise direction. Lift up the faucet to set aside.

    Now that you have dismantled everything, lift up the tub and set it aside carefully.

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    Attach New Fittings:

    Get the new tub. Put it upside down so that you can attach fittings to it before installing it. Connect its legs and base before standing it up in place. You can also place a piece of scrap wood over the foot of the legs to avoid any damage while you are installing them with a mallet.

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    Install New Tub:

    Put the tub on its legs. Place the faucet over its correct hole and pass the hot and cold water ones through their own. Tighten the nuts that hold the faucet to the tub.

    Bend over and attach back the water pipes to the cold and hot water valves under the faucet. Use a wrench turning clock wise will secure it up-right.

    Install back the drain line using a wrench. If the new drain assembly does not match with the drain pipe, you can customize it using a hacksaw. Tighten the drain line using the wrench.

    Turn the water supply and check for any leaks.

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