How to Install a Shower Door on a Prefab Shower

A shower enclosure is the area where a person bathes under a spraying source of water. It has many variations: air shower, electric shower and emergency shower to name a few. These days more and more people are installing glass tempered shower compartments in their homes.

One major reason why a lot of people are getting tempered glass showers is that they are permanent and quite easy to maintain. They are about 50 percent translucent and it gives a spacious look to the bathroom. And if fixed properly, they do not let the water to leave the boundaries of the chamber. These cabins have two types; framed and frame less. Regardless of the frame you are using, it will have a shower door that will have to be installed. It is quite a simple job and it hardly takes 15 minutes and minimal effort.


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    First make sure that all pieces of the shower kit have been installed in place. Observe the manufacturer’s door manual and fix all the pieces in their said places. Some components may need to be customized, while some of them will readily fit in their default form. Round off the edges of the aluminium moulding so that they will easily fit into the fibre glass panel. If they are still not curved enough, file their edges with a fine metal file to smoothen them up.

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    Take out the new shower door out of its packing, join all the pieces together, and place it on the floor. Fix the bottom side of the frame piece of the door on the jamb; press hard enough to make sure that the assembly is water tight.

    Fill the inside of the shower compartment with water and check whether it leaks out of the shower enclosure or not. If it is leaking, use a rubber cushion between the door and the jamb to seal the gap.

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    Use a screw driver to fix one side of the door frame into the holes on the shower jamb. Then follow the same steps that you under took for the bottom sides of the door till they are also dry fit. Screw in the other side of the door tightly now.

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    After all sides have been screwed and placed in their respective places, the roller wheels take off the load of the door and help it slide in the horizontal direction. Install the door handle and the project is complete.

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