How to Clean up House Clutter

After a hectic week, when it’s finally time to relax, you enter the house and realize that it’s a mess. It has been ignored for a week, there are kid’s toys lying around, dirty laundry stacked up in piles, shoes everywhere, sofa cushions on the floor and the list goes on. It may seem frustrating, but if you plan the cleanup session properly, it will not take a lot of time. Many people cannot relax if the house is dirty and full of clutter. Take a deep breath, take a small nap if you are too tired, and then start to clear up the clutter around you. If you go about it in a proper manner, you will be done in no time.


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    The kitchen counter usually has a lot of things lying around on it after usage; people are usually too lazy to put them back in their places. Clear the counter, putting away any can openers and cutlery. Put them inside the cabinets, so that the counter appears clean. Do this with all the counters. Put the items back in their places, and to give your room a more open look, hang a mirror on one of the walls of the living room.

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    Instead of retaining all the decorations that are making the room look crowded, try to keep a select few. Get rid of all those that do not enhance the beauty of the room. Fresh arrangements are a lot better than dry arrangements, so keep some plants in the room. Do not put magazines on the center table; it’s a house, not an office, and magazines all over the place might just add to the clutter.

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    What you haven’t used in a year is probably not going to be used in the future too. Identify those things that you do not use at all, and get rid of them. If they are in poor condition, throw them away, and if they can be reused, then donate them. If you think you might need these things in the future, don't give into temptation. They will just keep piling up, so get rid of all the junk.

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    Keep a trash bag and cartons by your side when you start to clean the house. To make the activity quicker, set an alarm and keep in mind that you should be done when the alarm rings. This will make you work faster and you will want to finish in the set time limit. Put everything that you don’t need but that can be reused in a carton to donate later, and throw the other items in the trash bag.

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