How to Install a Wall-Hung Sink

Want to convert your small bathroom or washroom into roomier one? Then install a Wall-Hung Sink rather than a vanity as it takes lot of space. If you have an already installed vanity, then you still have the option available to replace it with the stylish Wall-Hung Sink to enjoy spacious bathroom. Once you install a Wall-Hung Sink, you will have space available to have good time even in bathroom singing and dancing around. There are many elegant designs of Wall-Hung Sink available in the market to complement the overall décor of your house. You can select the one according to your house’s color scheme or decor.

Things Needed:

– Lead Pencil
– Electrical Hand Drill Machine
– Anchor bolts
– metal washers
– Nuts
– Rubber washer
– Carpenter’s level
– Wrench


  • 1

    Outline the anchor bolts

    You will find rough-in dimensions in the accessory pack, provided by the Wall-Hung Sink’s manufacturer. Grab it, place it on the wall and use a lead pencil to spot the right location of the anchor bolts on the wall.

  • 2

    Set up the anchor bolts

    Use an electrical hand drill machine to bore two medium pilot holes on the marked wall and thoroughly install the two anchor bolts.

  • 3

    Mount the faucet and drain

    It is the time to install the faucet and drain before putting in the Wall-Hung Sink. All you have to do is, tag along the manufacturer’s instructions to fix the drain and faucet assembly. However, make sure not effusively constrict the slip-joint drain connections right now.

  • 4

    Hang the sink on the wall

    Carefully place the sink on the previously installed bolts on the wall. Now put in the metal washers, nuts and rubber washer on the bolts and tighten them thoroughly.

  • 5

    Level the sink

    Check out either the installed sink is level or not, using a carpenter's level. If not, then adjust it accordingly. Use a simple or torque wrench to make the bolts and nuts of the sink tighter.

  • 6

    Attach the faucet and drain

    Fix and tauten the trap to the drain and then join the hot and cold water supplies to the faucet of the sink.

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