How to Remove and Replace Exterior French Doors

A French door is a type which consists of a frame around the transparent or translucent panels. It is also referred to as the French window sometimes as it resembles to a window in its shape. They are generally made of wood and can get worn out quickly when placed in an open environment.


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    Remove the door

    First of all remove the entire panel over which the door is fixed. Use a screw driver to take out the top lip of hinge pin and then use the back side of the hammer to take out the pin.

    After the door jamb goes free, remove both the threshold and the jamb. If the jamb is still stuck, use a saw and metal cutting knife to cut through the nails then pry the jam off the panel. Replace any piece of damaged or rotten wood piece with a fresh one.

    The most common rotting regions will be door knob and the bottom section of the door. Use a sand paper to remove any burs left with the jamb. Do not use a liquid in the cleaning process as it may damage the hardwood.

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    Clean the surroundings and measure the door

    Clean the area with a broom to remove all unwanted wooden particles. Use a measuring tape to measure the size of the jamb. Fill shims in between the door and panel to hold the door if needed.

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    Fix the door

    Use a builder’s level to check that the inside of the opening window is parallel and aligned with the floor. Use a helper to lift the door up and fit it inside the panel. Make sure you fit the bottom side of the door first. To measure the level of the door, go diagonally from the bottom of the frame towards the top.

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    Install new frame and door assembly

    Fix the new frame and door panel, and use shims to maintain the level of the door in case the need arises. Make sure that the door opens and closes properly. Use a hammer to place nails to hold the frame in its place.

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    Add Trim

    Measure the space for adding the new trims and cut them according to their size. Fix the new trims in place of the old ones.

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