How to Build a Log Cabin Yourself

Building and owning a log cabin can be a very challenging project for the whole family. However, it is not easy task and will take a lot of hard work, effort and money. Constructing a log cabin from the ground up requires a decent plan and plenty of materials but once completed you will have a place that your family and friends can enjoy for many years. If you want to build a log cabin yourself then there are a few basic guidelines that you might want to follow to make it easier.


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    Have a plan:

    In order to build your own log cabin you will need a good plan. List all the sources for materials and the subsequent costs. You will also want some modern amenities like running water and quite possibly electricity if it is available in that area. Develop a comprehensive plan to help you stay organised.

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    If you already have purchased a location then you can start with your log cabin floor plan. However, if you still need a location then you will have to find somewhere relatively inexpensive and way for urban areas. As most log cabins are usually built in remote areas, try to find a decent piece of land that has electricity and water connections. Talk to a real estate agent to help you find a suitable cost effective location.

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    Floor plan:

    Once you have your location then either hire an architect or go online and purchase a log cabin floor plan. You can find many different styles of log cabins that will suit your needs. Make sure the floor plans are easy to understand and complete.

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    Source materials:

    You will need quite a bit of materials and also a method to get it out to your remote location. Carefully source all of your materials and plan for different issues that might arise in terms of storage, cost and transportation.

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    Get necessary permits:

    Before building anything you will need the proper permits for zoning and other issues. Talk to the local government agencies which cover your particular location and ask them to provide you will some assistance.

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    Get some help:

    It is very difficult to build a log cabin by yourself and getting some help will be a good idea. If you have some friends or family members that are familiar with construction then ask them for some assistance.

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    Start foundation:

    Build the foundation of your log cabin following the floor plan that you have developed.

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    Build structure:

    Once the foundation sets you can now start building your log cabin by making the walls and roof carefully. Be sure to leave a provision for windows and doors as you follow your floor plan.

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