How to Install a Door Threshold with Vinyl Bulb

It may take a lot of time to install vinyl bulb door threshold. However, installing them will be worth every minute, especially when you find the old ones start leaking or getting old. Door thresholds are something that keeps the edges of the doors intact. In addition to that, they also increase the life of the doors. Therefore, you should always consider adding vinyl bulb door thresholds to your doors, if you really want them to remain in good shape, while adding beauty to their edges.

Things Required:

– Door threshold kit
– Caulk
– Cordless drill
– Hacksaw
– Caulk gun
– Pry bar


  • 1

    Remove the damaged door threshold

    First of all, you need to remove the existing threshold installed, in order to make space for the new one. You can cut the existing threshold into two pieces and remove it by using pry bar. Once the old threshold is removed, clean the surface thoroughly, so that you can work properly while installing the new one.

  • 2

    Measure the new threshold

    Check the space between the door and the floor. It will allow you to make accurate measurement of the piece of the vinyl bulb door threshold that you need to install. After you are done with the measurement, cut the threshold that you will fit under the door. Place the threshold slightly outward, leaving small space at the corners. It will allow the water to flow away from the threshold. It is really important to place the piece in such a way that it should not look apart from the door when it is closed. Meanwhile, it should not be so close that the water fallen on the door, slips inside the house or the room.

  • 3

    Securing the new threshold

    You can now secure the threshold by slightly sliding it under the door. It will tighten the space between the door and the floor. You can now fasten the threshold in place and it will be ready to be used. You will now see a complete difference in the look of your door, as there will not be any space visible under the door. You can also add the same under your bathroom doors, especially when there is chance of water to fall on the door.

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