How to Provide Aeration for a Lawn

Are you maintaining a yard and want to see some lush green grass in your lawn? Have you tried all sorts of fertilizers and agricultural techniques but they did not produce the desired results? If the answer is “Yes” then you should try aerating your lawn.

This technique ensures the right amount of water and air for the roots. The soil starts absorbing maximum amount of water and ultimately the grass grows rapidly. Mostly, it is believed that only a gardener can do that but you can also do it yourself by following a couple of simple directions.


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    Examine your lawn:

    First of all, you should check the signs to determine whether your lawn needs aerating or not. If your grass does not look in best condition and water is not penetrating the soil properly then it’s the high time for aeration. There is another technique to determine the need of aeration. Pick a garden shovel and dig a reasonable section of grass around six inches. Now flip the bottom and check the growth of the roots. If they are unable to grow more than two inches then it means your lawn needs some aeration.

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    Know the type of grass and soil you have:

    It is essential to understand the type of grass and soil as different types have different time periods of growth. It is good to aerate just ahead of the Spring season as your grass will be able to grasp maximum benefits of this cultivation technique. Similarly, some types of soil need frequent aeration whereas there is also a type which does not need much.

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    Prepare your lawn for aeration:

    Remember, this technique produce best results on a cleared and properly mowed lawn. Remove fragments like leaves, plant waste and stones so that nothing prevents the aerator from working effectively. You should also have the moisture level at a suitable level of your lawn as it is easy for aerator to penetrate through the soften soil. If you don’t have a proper irrigation system then use a garden hose or sprinkler to water the soil.

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    Aerate the lawn:

    Now, when the yard has been prepared for aeration, let the aerator do its work. Start from one corner and go all the way to the other border. After aerating, you should use fertilizers as they help the grass grow efficiently.

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