How to Install a Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions can be lovely additions to any room. Their curved design adds class and intrigue to an otherwise boring ceiling. You will find your guest’s gazes drawing to the ceiling time to time to have a look. Medallions can be installed on their own and can also be combined with fixtures like chandeliers and fans to give a truly grand effect to your room. Medallions are available in plaster and polyurethane. For homeowners who want to install the medallion themselves, the polyurethane one is most appropriate because of its ease of installation while giving the same effect. Have a look at what our step by step guide has for you below.

Things required:

– Dish-washing soap
– Construction adhesive
– Caulk
– Screws
– Spackling paste
– Light fixture hardware or fan (optional)
– Screwdrivers (Phillips and slotted)
– Power drill


  • 1

    Prepare the ceiling:

    Turn off the power supply from the breaker box. Medallions are ideally placed in the center of the ceiling. Locate the center of your ceiling by drawing two straight lines from both set of ceiling sides to the opposite side. The lines will interact at a 90 degree angle which is the center point of the ceiling.

    Use a damp sponge dipped in soapy water to clean the area you want to place the medallion on.

    Place your medallion on the ceiling and mark its circumference on the wall using a pencil.

  • 2

    Cut center hole:

    If you want to attach a lighting fixture to the medallion, measure the canopy cover. Drill a hole in the center of the medallion using jig saw and drill so that you can attach the fixture to it.

  • 3

    Apply adhesive:

    Lay the medallion face down on a surface that will not ruin its design. Apply adhesive to the whole back using a putty knife and spread it over the entire surface. Before applying adhesive, you can also paint it in any color you wish.

  • 4

    Install medallion:

    Lift the medallion, place it over the area you marked for it with the electrical box in center. Take the electrical wiring out of the hole you drilled so that you can attach a fixture to it later on. Use putty knife to apply any adhesive needed or to clear excess adhesive.

    Use the drill to insert two screws through the medallion into the wall to secure it fully in place. The number of screws you need also depends on the size of your medallion.Use caulk to fill up the screw holes and later paint over them.

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