How to Demolish Plaster Walls

Demolishing a plaster wall is no as difficult as some of us may think. Of course, firstly you need to identify the wall you are looking to demolish. Secondly it is important to confirm if the wall is bearing or non bearing.

Typically, a bearing wall is capable of supporting its own weight as well as any other additional eight on it. Walls running perpendicular to the floor or a ceiling are usually the bearing walls. However, it is always recommended to get an expert inspect the wall before demolishing it.

Is should be noted that demolishing a plaster wall creates a lot of mess and you should be prepared to get rid of it after you are done removing the wall. Usually, when the plaster dries it becomes a very hard, which makes removing it very difficult.

So what are the steps you need to take to get the job done. Here in the article, I will take you through the process. Here we go then.


  • 1

    Determine the type of wall

    First of all determine the type of wall by using a hammer and pry bar to remove small section of the wall. Inspecting ceiling to examine how everything is a very good idea before starting the actual destruction. Walls with double top plate and joints overlap are usually the load bearing wall. It is also vital to determine to compensate for the supporting role. You could also consider calling a professional to figure it out. After ensuring the wall is not load bearing, you can safely destruct it and it will destroy the house.

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    Cover valuables with a plastic sheet

    After examining the wall, it is now time to cover the furniture and other valuable goods with a plastic sheet. The reason this is done is to keep valuables clean of construction dust. Switch on the fans and the ventilation system in the house to keep the work area. Use electrical tape to ensure the wires are in a safe condition.

  • 3

    Take down the wall

    Then comes the hardest part; taking down the wall. The work is very physical and people with weak physical condition are advised to stay away from it. Although smashing through the fall is very tempting for most of the people, it is advised to destroy the wall piece by piece. To cut along the edges, consider using a reciprocating saw.

  • 4

    Remove electrical boxes

    After destructing the wall, remove the electrical boxes in a safe way.

  • 5

    Remove studs

    The studs can be removed with a use of reciprocating saw and a sledgehammer.

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