How to Choose Colors to Set a Mood

Recent studies show that every colour has an effect on mental and physical state of humans. There are colours that leave a gloomy effect on you whereas there are also colours that can perk you up. The selection of the right colour is so important that even psychiatrists have started recommending colour therapy.

Whether you are giving finishing touches to your room, house or office, you can choose suitable colours if you know their effects on humans. There is no doubt in that it can be a difficult task but you can do it easily by following some simple direction.


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    If you want your room to have a peaceful feeling then you should go for some bright yet warm colours. Coral, cool blues and apple green are few examples of such colours that can impart a feeling of coziness in your room. These colours are known for bringing serenity and calmness in mind.

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    Yellow carries cheerfulness and liveliness with it. If you want to add some energy in you then surround yourself with the colour yellow. Similarly, primary colours are also helpful in setting a joyful mood. The best candidates for such colours are kids’ bedrooms or playrooms.

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    Consider earth tones to wake up the creativity in you and evoke some personal growth. These colours vary from dark brown to light shades of green. You can use these colours in your office, study room, media room etc.

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    Red is the colour of zeal, passion and invigoration. If you want to have a pulsating mood then nothing can replace red as this will stimulate the atmosphere around you. However, you may find it over the top so be careful about the place where you are using this colour.

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    You may choose dark colours to set a formal or sophisticated mood. Colours like brick red, slate grey and deep taupe are valid options for drawing room. You may also use these colours in your formal living or dining area.

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    If you want to fill yourself with a sense of contentment then using harvest colours will be a wise decision. Psychologists believe that these colours evoke closeness, warmth and gratification. Golden, burgundy, orange and deep red are most common shades of this category.

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    To bring professionalism in yourself, you should consider neutral colours like while, black grey or cream. Usually, corporate offices have such looks to impart a sense of ease in stressful situations.

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