How to Plug Drafts in Fireplaces

A fireplace simply can get cold drafts into your house. There are a number of ways to plug fireplace drafts, but most of them are not that efficient and effective. You can follow a lot of methods to successfully stop the cold air passing down through the chimney with good effect. On the other hand, to set fireplace draft problems you have to look at the flue size. Make sure you know that it is also vital to check for any blockage. You also require looking at the size of the stovepipe among other things. There are several ways to plug drafts in fireplaces effectively.


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    Purchase a top quality chimney draft stopper

    First of all, you have to buy a decent and quality chimney draft stopper like the well known urethane pillow. This is a good choice as it is very simply to assemble. Moreover, select an item that matches the exact size of your fireplace or otherwise it would not be that effective, and will not work properly. Take measurements of your fireplace before you go to get the draft stopper so that you buy the correct size. If you do not do this, then you would be wasting your time and money.

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    Check the fireplace chimney

    After that, you should inspect the fireplace chimney carefully with the help of a flashlight. When looking, check for any sharp metal or screws coming out of the damper. Moreover, also look for any gathered rubble and soot. Then clear the path from blockings with a brush or long stick or scrape off the dirt and soot. If you encounter a problem with the chimney damper, call a technician for a suitable replacement or general service and repair.

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    Assemble the urethane pillow

    Furthermore, you will have to muster the popular urethane pillow. This you can do by following the directions on the box. Fill it with air with the help of an air pump and it will form a shape. Then make use of support handle of the draft to plug it smoothly below the damper. Fill the draft with the air pump and let it seal off the airway near the opening of the fireplace. After that, deflate the pillow draft by opening the valve before using it. Disjoint the draft with the handle and put it somewhere secure so that you can take it out again if you need it in the future.

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