How to Apply a Decorative Film

Applying decorative film to a glass is a good way to get rid of unwanted views outside the windows. The greatest benefit is that these will never block the sunlight coming inside and will also create an amazing ambiance in your room at the same time. However, many people find it difficult to apply these decorative films on their own and the main reason for this is that they do not get the desired results. Once you know the knack of it, it will be just a matter of minutes to apply these decorative films.
Follow steps which will guide you to apply the decorative films on your own.

Things Needed:

– Tape Measure
– Pencil
– Notepad
– Window Glass Decorative Film
– Squeegee
– Sharp Cutter
– Ruler
– Spray Bottle
– Old Newspapers


  • 1

    Taking Measurements:

    First measure the window glass length and width with the help of a tape measure. Remember to leave some allowance of about half inch from all the sides.

  • 2

    Cleaning the Window Glass:

    Now spray water on the window glass and clean it with a newspaper by rubbing it in circular strokes. Keep on cleaning the glass until no stains are left.

  • 3

    Stripping off the liner:

    Lay the decorative film flat on the table and hold it in your hands with the liner layer facing you. Now slightly and carefully start striping off the liner from its lower end. Do not hold it tightly or the film will roll onto itself. Once the entire liner is removed, thoroughly spray water on the back side of the film that is now being exposed.

  • 4

    Applying the film:

    Now comes the stage at which you will finally apply the film so spray water on the window glass. Now immediately after this, gently hold the film from the corners and apply it on the window glass by positioning it from the middle. Once it is applied on the window glass, spray water all over it once more. With a squeegee press the film from the center and towards the outer ends to remove any air bubbles.

  • 5

    Cutting Out Edges:

    Now place the ruler on each edge of the window and cut out the extra edges with a sharp cutter. Finally leave it to dry.

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