How to Build a Simple One Horse Barn

If you have got a horse, for whatever reason, you require building up a shelter for protecting it from harsh weather conditions. Horses normally have very strong immune system and rarely get affected by blistering cold or scorching heat. However, as their owner, you have to ensure your horses have a proper enclosed barn to get out of weather. If you have only horse, you need not to allocate a wide area for making a big barn for it but you can build a simple one-horse barn by yourself.


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    This sort of barn is also known as pole barn and is rather simpler to construct. You will require wooden poles to make it and not much technical expertise will be required in the process. 4-by-4 inches poles are actually set in a grid 8 feet apart to make a simple one-horse barn.

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    To begin the construction process, you need to select appropriate ground, which is well drained and flat.

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    Lay down the 8-foot grids on the selected ground. Remember that you are about to make a 8-by-16 feet shed and your measurement is vital in the entire process.

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    You need to dig 2-foot deep and 1-foot wide holes in the ground for fixing the posts into them.

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    Once the holes are dug, you have to place the 4-by-4 inch wooden grids into them but brace them in a way that they remain plumb. You need to fill up the holes with concrete for at least 1 foot. Let the concrete dry for a couple of days and then fill the rest of the hole with the mud you dug earlier.

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    Now take the 2-by-6 inch wooden skirt board and attach it around the bottom of the back and both sides of the affixed pole. This will be done if you desire to make a three-sided barn with an opened front. If you want to construct a totally enclosed barn, you can put another skirt board in the front as well.

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    You will require 2-by-4 inch wood grits to place 2 feet apart from the bottom to the top of the wall. Attach treated wooden board on those grits on three sides and this will form the roof frame.

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    You need 2-by-6 inch wood for making the roof rafters and place them on the 4-foot centres. Affix the 2-by-4 inch wooden board with nails on one end of it.

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    Hurricane hold-down straps made of metal will be required to fasten up the posts and the roof rafters against windy storms.

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    You can further overlap the rafters with 29-gauge galvanised corrugated roofing panel.

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    In the last, you have to fix the preformed foam sealer strips between the roof and the joists and that’s it! You have made the pole barn.

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