How to Install Wood Paneling

Wood paneling has many variations and forms, and it can be done using different kinds of wood. Their main purpose is to give a stylish and comfortable look to an otherwise simple place. These panelings come in many different patterns; you can install tall, wide, square sheets either vertically against the wall or affix them to your ceiling to give the roof a warm look. You can also attach them on top of your floor, but using wooden panels as a floor requires great maintenance.

There are a few hard wood panels which are very expensive. However, there are some reasonable alternatives available which are not made of hardwood and come at a very relatively low cost. These panels have tongue and groove edges which help in getting fixed with other boards easily.


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    Perform a brief inspection of all the walls in the house to find out whether they are all level or not. Ideally all the walls should be flat and plumb. However, if there are certain areas of walls that have variable thickness, mark them with the pencil and make sure you fix those gaps before installing the wooden panels.

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    Use an electronic stud finder to find each and every stud in your wall. Mark the location of these studs with the help of your level and pencil. Use a scale and pencil to mark a long horizontal line across the bottom of the wall, one that is close to the height to the board or may be half an inch more. For example if your board is 12 inches high, then your line should be 12.5 inches high and should cover the entire width of the wall.

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    Use the inverted side of the hammer to take out already attached nails on the wall and also remove posters and other baseboards. Now, most people get confused on where to start fixing the panel. The simple solution to this is; notice the corner of the room which is most visible when you enter the room. This should be your starting ground. Measure the length of the entire wall. Cut the wooden plank half an inch less than the length using a jigsaw.

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    Hold the plank to the wall, there should be half an inch play between the panel and the floor. Use a nail gun to affix the wooden panel to the wall, you should use nails at every point where the panel crosses a stud. Follow the same steps for other pieces to install wooden panels in the entire room.

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