How to Replace Swivel Chair Casters

Do you have an office chair or any other chair at home that has Swivel Chair Casters installed on the bottom of its legs? Are you having trouble in moving the chair by using the casters? If yes, then you may need to repair or replace them. In many cases, you will find hair or any other fibre rolled around the casters. If that is the case with your chair, you can just remove the obstruction and your chair will again start moving freely.

If not, then you may have to replace the casters, as they are now too old to respond to your needs. After you will replace the casters, you will feel as if you are sitting on a brand new chair. So, what do you need to do, in order to replace the Swivel Chair Casters? You do not need to be an expert to do this job. In fact, if you know how to use a screw driver, then you will not be having any trouble in replacing them.


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    Place the chair backside down, in such a way that the wheels get off from the floor and you can see them properly.

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    Take a large screwdriver and insert it between the base of the bottom of the chair leg and the base of the caster. Twist the screw driver, as it will loosen the grip of the caster from the bottom of the chair leg.

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    Now hold the leg of the chair firmly with one hand and pull the caster out of it by using your other hand. In some cases, the casters are screwed in the leg. In such case, you can unscrew them from the leg.

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    After you have the caster in your hand, take it to a nearby office furniture supply store and buy a complete set of casters. Make sure you compare the new casters with the old one. The new ones must be same in size and diameter of the old ones. At least, you must match the base of the new casters with the old one.

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    Now slide the new casters in the leg of the chair. Usually, they easily slide into the hole in the bottom of the leg. If that does not happen, you can smack it by using your hands.

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    Place the chair on its wheel and sit down on it. It will allow the casters to fully insert in the holes.

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