How to Replace a Deck Railing

Railing gives a nice finishing tough to the deck, making it safer and secure. However, the damaged or wobbly deck railing can spoil the overall look of your house.  You have two options to deal with the issue; i.e. either repair it or remove it. Repairing can be a hectic as it can take no time to face the same issue. Therefore, replacing the damaged Deck Railing is a much better idea as it a “do-it-yourself” activity and requires very basic carpentry skills.

Things Required:

– Lead pencil
– Hammer
– Deck screws
– Measuring Tape
– Railing cap
– Galvanized deck screws


  • 1

    Use a pointed lead pencil to mark the damaged deck rail’s position on the post and remove it carefully, unscrewing the nuts installed in it.

  • 2

    Ask any helper to hold the new deck rail against the inner side of the stairway posts and bring it into line with the top rear corner of the top post. Temporarily attach the rail to the post, using a hammer and few deck screws.

  • 3

    Use a circular saw to cut the ends of the rail at 45-degree angles and join the lumber for long rails. Bore medium pilot holes in order to put off the nails or screws from splitting end grain. Now attach the rail with the help of some large galvanized nails.

  • 4

    Now join the ends of the rails to the stairway posts and smooth the edges of the posts with sandpaper. Bore medium pilot holes and use some more deck screws to attach the rails to the posts.

  • 5

    Position the post’s cap so its edge is flush with the inner edge of the rail. Drill pilot holes and fix the post’s cap to the rail by inserting some thick deck screws. Incline the edges of the posts at about 45-degree angles. Once you fix the cap, bore some more pilot holes and attach the post, using some galvanized nails.

  • 6

    Hinge the edges of the railing cap at the corners and bore around two pilot holes. Use some deck screws and hammer to attach the railing cap to the main post of the deck.

  • 7

    Go at the top of the stairs and use a round saw to cut the railing cap in order to flush it with the stairway rail. Use a hand drill machine to bore holes and fix the cap with some medium deck screws.

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