How to Hang Drywall on a Cinderblock Wall

There has been a considerable shift in the trend towards using drywall at homes and offices. The reason for the increase in their demand is the easy of installing drywall. Drywall is a piece of plaster which is covered with the thick paper sheet from both sides. Due to its superior quality and improved functioning, more and more people are now considering installing drywall at their places. It is usually used in building walls and ceilings of the house.

The traditional method of building walls by placing bricks in a specific order and then applying the plaster paste on them and leave them till they dry, takes a lot of time. Therefore, this has played a vital role in the increased demand of drywall which is almost ready to use any moment. In addition, most of the people are now using drywalls on their cinderblock walls because this not only saves their time but money as well. They provide a customer with the ease of saving headache as they are ready to use. In general, it requires a lot of time to paint your walls but the presence of drywalls has eliminated that tension of people.


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    The foremost step would be to install the half inch foam padding over your cinderblock walls. Remember that, the foam padding should be pasted gently and carefully, making sure that there is no loose end. Paste the glue at back side of the foam and then place it on the wall. It depends on the type of adhesive you are using; do not touch the foam until it is fixed. Place small marks on the panel after every one and a half feet and then draw a line from top to bottom.

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    Now you should take the hammer drill to place a furring strip of 1 by 3. Do not forget to drill holes after the distance of two feet. Also keep in mind that the cutting of the panel should be done sharply and straight.

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    After you have drilled holes in the wall, you should insert drywall screws to combine it.

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    After placing the sheet, use one screw after every 12 inches. While tightening the screw, you must remember that it should not be lose instead it has to be as tight as possible.

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    Keep doing the same until the complete cinderblock wall are covered with drywall.

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