How to Build a Fire Resistant House

If you live in an area where forest fire is common, it is advised to make houses which are not vulnerable to fire. You should take measures in order to prevent your house catching fire. Ash can enter in the house through vents, chimneys or even open screen doors. It is advisable to build a fireproof house. Your house will not be fully protected but it will have a high probability of not getting caught in the fire.

Things Required:

– Insulated concrete forms (ICFs)
– Fire-resistant roofing and sliding
– Cellulose insulation
– Sprinkler system
– Fire-resistant windows and doors


  • 1

    Use insulated concrete forms

    It is advisable to use insulated concrete forms when building your house. These are one of the most effective materials to resist fires. These are more expensive than normal wooden frames but will help you a lot in resisting fire. Insulated concrete forms can hold the fire for almost four hours. In addition to this, it does not allow cool or warm air out from your house. This will result in saving of electricity bill as in winter your house will stay warmer with less usage of heater. Similarly in summers, your house will stay cooler by using air conditioning units for less time.

  • 2

    Fire-resistant roofing and siding

    You should use fire-resistant tiles or even slate for your roof in order to lower chances of getting fire. For sidewalls, you can use fibre cement, stucco, brick or stone veneer. If you are going to add decks, you should use composite boards or pressure-treated wood.

  • 3

    Apply cellulose insulation

    Another option is that you use cellulose insulation for your house. It is not only good for the environment but also protects against fire. In order to use it, you need to blow and the insulation will be adjusted around the object.

  • 4

    Fire-resistant windows and doors

    You should use fire-resistant windows and doors in order to prevent your house from burning. Apply ordered fire-proof windows or triple-pane windows. For doors, use doors made from steel.

  • 5

    Sprinkler system

    You can install sprinkler system in your house. These will get rid of any small fires in your house. For larger fires, they will hold them until fire brigades arrive.

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