How to Fix Sticking Drawers on Furniture

Sticky and binding wooden drawers can become one of the annoying things in your life. Every time you open them to pick or place in something, you have to put some extra effort to open them. In daily routine, it can really become irritating and you will definitely like to break it and replace it with a new one. There can be a number of causes behind sticky drawers in furniture.

For instance, the screws that were supposed to hold the drawers together get loose, or the corners of the glides break. Even the moisture present in the air can also make the furniture drawers to become sticky. If you face a similar issue, you do not need to get worried, as you can fix them easily. The only thing that you will need is attention to detail and focus during the repairing process. When you will be done with the whole process, you will find your drawer working smoothly, just like a new one. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your tools and start fixing sticky drawers in your home.


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    The first thing that you will need to do is to check the drawer carefully. Examine if the bureau is off centre or twisted. In such case, you can just reposition the bureau and your problem is solved.

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    You can also exchange the problematic drawer with the other drawer in the bureau. Most of the times, it will solve your problem. If it does not, examine the area where the drawer slides in. If you find any nail popping out, just hammer it and the obstruction will be gone. In some cases, clothes or any similar thing can also cause obstruction in the way of the drawer. If that happens, remove the piece that is causing barrier.

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    If you do not find any obstruction, you can sand the drawer runners, before applying a lubricating agent on it. You can use paraffin, beeswax or bar soap for that purpose. In case of metallic runners, you can use lubricating oil after cleaning the runners with a dry rag.

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    If any corner of side is loose, you can fix it by using wood glue. Make sure you reinforce the joint by using a corner clamp. Do not remove the clamp until the glue gets dry.

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    You can also sand the side of the drawer to make it move freely on the runner. However, use this method as the last resort, as it will alter the side of the drawer on permanent basis.

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