How to Insulate an Exterior Door

Thermal insulation is to lower the amount of heat transfer between objects. Insulating an exterior door is when you want to increase the warmness inside your house. You will apply different ways to stop cold from coming inside the house. You can take help from this article if you want to insulate one of your doors.

Things Required:

– Weatherstripping
– Measuring tape
– Hacksaw
– Snap-blade cutter
– Brad nails
– Hammer
– Flat pry bar
– Expanding spray-foam sealant


  • 1

    Place a piece of weatherstripping

    First you need to cover the latch. Cut a portion of weatherstripping and place it behind the handle.

    In case it stuck when the door closes then you need to cut out the extra piece. You can do this with the help from snap-blade cutter of you can simply turn it.

  • 2

    Apply brad nails to attach

    Next you need to attach the weatherstripping to the door. You can do this with the help from brad nails which are formed from 18 gauge wire.

  • 3

    Cut weatherstripping to place around handle

    After applying brad nails, you need to cut pieces of weatherstripping and place on the side and top of the handle.

  • 4

    Apply pry bar

    Place a pry bar under the wood edges around the door. Remember to put the pry bar from inside the house.

  • 5

    Spray foam sealant

    Next you need to spray the foam sealant. Do it in the area between the door and the wall.

    Follow the instructions on the sealant to apply and then leave it to dry.

  • 6

    Flush the dry foam

    After spraying the foam sealant between the door frame and wall frame, you need to cut the excess foam. You can do this with the help from snap-blade cutter or you can also cut the excess with knife.

  • 7

    Replace the trim

    In the end you need to change the trim. You can do this pressing the nails back to their original positions.

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