How to Have An Island Style Vacation at Home

Island vacations are very popular among celebrities and people of means. The reason behind this is the isolation and natural beauty offered by islands. They serve as escapes from the humdrum of life and offer you the chance to relax in natural surroundings. Islands often have beaches, where people can tan and water where they can swim. However, island vacations are not cheap to say the least, and most people can only dream of them. Nevertheless, you can follow a few simple steps to recreate some of the magic in the comfort of your own home.


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    Set priorities

    The most important thing in planning a vacation is setting your priorities. Firstly, you will need to take leave from work/office etc and get ready to relax at home. If you really want to experience an island type vacation, then you must cancel all of your appointments. You should make sure that nothing of immense importance is scheduled during your planned vacations otherwise it will be hard for you to enjoy yourself. If you are wanting to involve your friends or family members, you will need to discuss the plan with them to make sure everyone takes time off together.

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    Organise things

    You can start by organising your music collection and going to the grocery store to purchase the food items etc you will need. Since you want to recreate an island vacation, your focus should be on getting fresh fruits and juices. If you are going to be entertaining guests, make sure you ask them about their preferences and make a list of things you will need to get.

    If you have a garden, you may need to erect a fence around it to isolate it from the rest of the neighborhood. This will help you recreate the atmosphere from an island vacation. Furthermore, if people will be staying with you, you need to make sure you have enough rooms and space for everyone to be comfortable without having issues.

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    You cannot have an island style vacation without a pool and sunbathing chairs etc. Make sure you set them up nicely and tan yourself in the summer sun before taking a dip in the pool. Most of the time in island vacations is spent on the beach, tanning and swimming, and you will need to do the same if you want to recreate that.

    You can have more fun if you have friends over since all of you can tan together and chat about the latest happenings in life.

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    Enjoy fresh fruits and juices

    Island vacations are marked with exotic fruits and juices which further freshen up your senses. In order to fully enjoy an island style vacation at home, you need to make sure you have plenty of fruits and juices in store.

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    Play games

    If your home has space, you can setup a net to play netball with your friends in the sun. This will serve as a good exercise before you take a dip in the pool. If you don't have room for netball, you can play ball games with your friends in the swimming pool and enjoy your vacation.

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