Installing Security Bars on a Window

Windows are the most common entry points for burglars because they are often easily accessible, and sometimes out of plain view. Moreover, while people focus on reinforcing entrances and exits, windows become easier targets.

In this guide we will be looking at steps to install security bars on a window on your own and protect your house from intrusions.

Note: The safer you make your property the lower your insurance premium goes.

Things required:

– A tape rule for measuring the window-opening
– A carpenters pencil for marking where to cut the bars
– Security bars to fix on the windows
– A drill bit to make holes and drive in screws
– A saw to cut the bars into your desired sizes


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    Choose an appropriate type of bars

    There are several different types of security bars available in the market. Iron and steel ones are typically more expensive but there are cheaper and adjustable varieties available as well. In the end your choice depends on the location of your property and the likelihood of intrusion.

    Alternatively, you can also consider security bars that can be set up and removed from the inside of your house. While these aren’t as secure as traditional ones, they are better than no bars at all.

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    Decide on the position

    The position of the bars will depend on how your window opens. If you have the type which slides, you could position the bars on the inside of the windows. On the other hand, if it opens inwards, then the bars should be fixed between the screen and the window.

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    Measure the size of your window-opening

    With the use of a tape rule, you should accurately measure the size of your window opening and then try to get the appropriate size of bars or grills.

    Place these bars in the window opening and make marks with a carpenter’s pencil where the screws will be fixed to secure them firmly on the window frame and wall.

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    Installing the Security Bars

    This is the stage where the actual installation takes place. Once the position, size and location of the security bars and screws are determined, you should use a drill bit to drive the screws on to the window. Remember to use long screws in order to secure the bars in the window frame rigidly.

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    Tips for Installing Security Bars

    Remember that windows are often the safest and quickest exit points for you and your family in case of emergencies. If there is a risk of such an incident, it is always better to go for adjustable security bars that can be set up from the inside and removed accordingly.

    The screws you use to secure the bars into the window frame will determine their strength. Don’t compromise with them if you want your bars to hold up against any attempted intrusions.

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