How to Rebuild a Window

Windows are important features of a house-hold as they serve the purpose of protecting us from the external environment, e.g. cold, wind, sunlight, burglars etc. Rebuilding a window is a good alternative for replacing an entire window as rebuilding will save us a decent amount of money. Replacing a window will be very uneconomical hence grabbing the alternative looks like the most feasible option in the above case. Learn the step-by-step guidelines to re-build a window as they will direct you in using a jamb liner rather than installing a whole new window.


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    The first step for the process is removing the sashes. Sashes are parting beads that serve the purpose of connecting beads, and therefore keep the sashes in their place. The first thing that is to be done is to remove these connecting elements and the instrument that is required for the process is a ply bar. Insert the pry bar between the sashes one by one and then use it as a lever to dislocate it from its existing position. If the window contains a layer of paint, you will be required to use a wide putty knife and hammer to dislodge the parting bead from the frame of the window. Do this to remove all the sashes and then move on to the next step.

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    The next step involves the cleaning up of the window frame. In this process we will be required to scrap of any loose paint that exists on the surface of the frame. A sand paper must then be used to smooth the surface of the window frame.

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    Now in the next step we will have to back out the screw or nail at the top of the sash-weight door. Now remove the door and remove the sash weights.

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    The next step in line is to remove the screws that are holding the sash weights pulleys. Next is to use the screwdriver and pry the pulleys from jamb. Fibreglass insulation of the weight cavity is now used to fill the holes in the weight.

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    The next step is to remove any loose paint from the surfaces of the window jamb and make it smooth. Then measure and cut the channels to the required size. Now is the time to reassemble the sashes in their channels as they were previously removed. Next is to test the security of the channels of the window frame. The sash must not be too tight or too loose.

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