How to Glue Veneer Furniture

Veneer is basically a thin sheet that is usually applied to wood and this is also called veneer furniture. But sometimes it gets damaged at the surface with the collision of something or by falling down on the hard surface. So, to glue a veneer furniture is not that hard but it becomes even easier when you know how to apply glue to it.

Since the furniture is something that no a huge majority of people cannot purchase frequently. So, they try to fix the problems or damages and for that purpose gluing veneer furniture is an important task. This task needs care as you cannot do this job without knowing methods of how to glue it in a proper manner. So, in order to get a flawless look on the damaged area of veneer furniture, it is essential to get a little information about the types of glues that can work better in fixing the problem.

Since the veneer is very thin, that is why it does not require any sort of industrial adhesive but an adhesive that dries hard, really works on veneer furniture. However, many people fail to get their veneer furniture glued in a perfect manner. They fail to give a fine finishing touch to their veneer furniture. If you are also in the similar problem, then keep reading this post which will let you know how to do it properly.


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    First of all, you can glue your veneer furniture with carpenter’s glue. You can find this glue at wood working stores easily. Then try to spread a thin layer to veneer and position it carefully. Now you should clamp veneer to the base of damaged piece and wait until the glue dries hard.

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    You can also use cold-press glue for veneer furniture as it is specifically manufactured for veneering. This glue is thicker as compared to the carpenter glue and it also comes in three wood tones including extra dark, light and medium. It also leaves a less prominent mark on the furniture and helps in giving it a flawless look.

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    You can use for veneer furniture is polyurethane glue which is applicable to almost every sort of surface. However, it is more suitable for things that are made of metal or plastic.

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