How to Remove Wallpaper

Weary of your old and worn out wall papers? Removing a wallpaper can cost you a lot of money if you are hiring a professional for this task. However there is one very cost effective home remedy to this which is white vinegar and it is something that is available in every home and is a perfect free of cost way to remove the wall paper. This white vinegar will easily and naturally remove the entire wall within few minutes. Read this guide below to remove wallpaper:

Things Needed:

– Wall Scraper
– Warm water
– White vinegar
– Bucket
– Spray bottle
– Ladder


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    Precautionary measures:

    Before getting started, it is important to take some protective measures to avoid any inconvenience later.

    Vinegar is safe to use, but still it has got an annoying smell, therefore it’s recommended to open all the doors and windows beforehand to allow fresh air in the room.

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    Wallpaper removal solution recipe:

    Add white vinegar in a bucket of hot water in the ratio 1:5 and mix well. Now carefully pour this solution in the spray bottle

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    Applying Solution

    After preparing the solution it’s time to apply it on the desired wall. Now start by first spraying on the lower reachable portion of the wall and then spray on the upper unreachable portion. This will help avoid any inconvenience.

    In order to reach the unreachable portion, drag a ladder near the wall and mount on it. Don’t forget to keep the spray bottle and scrapper under hand.

    Another important thing that must be considered is to make sure that you have properly drenched the entire wallpaper with the solution.

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    Once you have thoroughly drenched the entire wall, start scraping the wall with the scraper by starting from the lower portion first and then reaching the upper portion of the wall.

    You can now peel the wallpaper off the wall without any effort.

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