How to Choose Carpet for Your Home

Antique carpets can give your house a classy and a beautiful look. However, their modern counterparts are significantly inferior to them in quality but you can still find a good product. To choose a good and high quality carpet that can make a lasting impression on the visitors, we must pay attention to some of its characteristics.

A Carpet is part of the interior that adds to the room’s decor and look. They are differentiated through raw materials and the way of production. The degree of contamination depends on the type of fibre, its colour, moisture, etc.


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    To choose the right carpet, look at its underside. On it you can find the composition of different fabrics. Most often we can find polypropylene rugs in the market which are the cheapest. These rugs can last 2-4 years unless you take proper care of them. However, they collect a lot of dust and cleaning becomes sometimes difficult.

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    First, you need to determine where this carpet will be used. Carpets with natural fibres such as wool or silk are suited for bedrooms. Such carpets will not only create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation but are necessary fortrue bedroom aesthetics. However, it is quite risky to use wool carpet in the hallway or kitchen.

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    Rugs of synthetic fibres of high quality can be used in children's room and living room. Moreover, such a carpet is easy to clean. Currently, manufacturers offer special rugs for children, which are entirely made ​​of synthetic fibres. In terms of sustainability, they are close to natural fibres.

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    If you choose a handmade carpet, you may encounter an error in the figure, such as a fragment of the pattern is not symmetrical or there are deviations. This is explained by the fact that makers often make small mistakes on purpose, so that no one doubts that they are genuinely handmade.

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    If you choose a carpet for a wall, you should choose a silk one. However, this material needs an extra bit of care. Silk carpets are very beautiful as they give a shining look.

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