How to Hang a Television

Wow, you just got a brand new Television, so it is time to display it.  Rather than using the traditional method and placing it on a table or stand, why don’t you save space and make your room look stylish by hanging the television from the ceiling or wall. In addition to not taking too much of space in the room, the hanging television helps in full access viewing. Hanging a Television from the ceiling or wall is a simple process that you can carry out yourself. However, make sure to fix your valuable appliance firmly so that it can survive any type of unfortunate happenings.

Things you will need to hand a television:

– Electronic stud-finder
– Lead pencil or marker
– Electrical hand drill machine
– Lag screws
– Television Brackets
– Ceiling or wall bracket
– Small screws
– Socket wrench set


  • 1

    Find the wall or ceiling framing

    Select the center of the wall or ceiling for hanging your television so it can hold the heavy weight properly. Use an electronic stud-finder to pinpoint the right location, finding the ceiling joists or wall studs.

  • 2

    Install the ceiling or wall bracket for Television

    Now use the television mount as a template to spot the installation holes on the wall or ceiling. Mark the installation holes over the selected surface, using a lead pencil or marker. Drill holes with the help of a powerful electrical hand drill machine. Install the ceiling or wall bracket for Television, securing it with some lag screws.

  • 3

    Attach the brackets to the television

    Attach the brackets to the back of your television, using the supplied hardware and the given instructions.

    Note: Make Sure that the brackets of the television are hook-side up.

  • 4

    Hang the television on the wall or ceiling

    Lift the television with great care and gently hang it on the previously installed ceiling or wall bracket for Television. Slide the television to the right and left sides to balance it on the wall or ceiling.

    Note: You can ask for a helper if find the television heavy to be handled individually.

  • 5

    Secure the television in place

    Once you hang the television on the wall or ceiling, use the small screws to secure it into to place.

  • 6

    Make the power connection

    Connect all the cables and the power cords at the back of the hanged television and sit back and enjoy!

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