How to Replace a Sliding Mirror Door

Sliding mirror doors are used to add elegance and style to doorways and openings including patio doors and closet ones. They create different spaces without giving a cramped feeling. These doors have a long life and serve for many years. However, like all other doors, they wear out with constant use. They can be replaced with little effort and a lot of determination. The most difficult part is to handle the heavy door and so you will need a partner to help you with it. Instructions for replacing your sliding mirror door are available in the guide below.

Things Required:

– Tape measure
– Builder’s level
– Phillips screwdriver
– Door tracks and hardware
– Hacksaw
– 2-by-4 wood block-


  • 1

    Remove Old Sliding Door:

    The sliding door consists of two units, the stationery one and the sliding one. Most sliding doors are held by screws on both sides. Loosen up these screws by turning them in an anti clock wise direction using screw drivers. Once these screws are loosened, grab the door and lift it from the tracks, the bottom side first followed by the top. Do this for both door front and back units.

    Now that the door is taken off, give attention towards removing the tracks it had been laid on. Use the screwdriver to take off the lower and upper tracks.

  • 2

    Measure for New Sliding Door:

    Use your old sliding door model as reference to buy a new one. The old door can serve as the perfect model, except in a situation where you took it off in the first place because you wanted a different sized door. Sliding doors are available in different colors and styles and usually have the same installation procedure.

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    Install New Tracks:

    The first step of installing new sliding door is to lay the tracks that came with it. Use the template that comes with the kit or old door marks to mark the position for track screws. Drill pilot holes for the tracks. Install both the upper and lower tracks and secure with screwdriver. Both the tracks should be installed straight and perfectly aligned with each other to ensure smooth functioning of the door.

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    Install Door:

    Now that the tracks are laid, install the door units or panels one by one. Lift up the unit and tilt it in a position that it fits the upper track first and then slides into place in the lower track. Do the same for the other unit. Adjust any leveling screw or floor guide that came with the door units.

    Slide the door in backward and forward directions a few times to check for smooth functioning.

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