How to Create Wall Hangings with Kids

In order to liven-up your kids’ room, you need to let them create customized decorations for walls, windows and even doors. You can create wall hangings of what your children desire and place them in their room. Let them help you in creating these decorative items.  You can make it from basic craft supplies which are easily available in your house such as stencils, ribbons and felts.

Things Required:

– Tape measure or yard stick
– Ruler
– Tailor’s chalk
– Felt, denim or cotton fabric
– Pinking shears or scissors
– Straight pins
– Sewing machine
– Photos memorabilia
– Double-stick tape
– Embellishments
– Fabric glue
– Safety pin
– Ribbon


  • 1

    Measurements of the area

    You need to calculate the area where you are going to hand the embellishments. Calculate the height and width of the wall space. By this you will know how large the decoration pieces or handmade wall hangings you are going to create.

  • 2

    Mark the measurements

    Now you need to add four inches to the height of the wall and two inches to the width. Then mark it on a piece of cotton, denim or felt. You can do this with help of a ruler and tailor’s chalk. In the end cut the marked area with a scissor or pinking shears.

  • 3

    Fold the fabric

    After cutting the fabric, you need to fold 1 inch on one of the wall hanging sides and use a straight pin to secure it. Then use a sewing machine stitch on the edge. Repeat this step on the other side. Use can make a straight line or a zigzag line with sewing machine stitch. Remember to use a contrasting colour thread for this purpose as it will look cool.

  • 4

    Make a pocket

    With the extra length of the fabric, you need to make a pocket of it. Secure it with straight pins and machine stitch a line after that. This pocket will support the wall hanging.

  • 5


    Now you need to let your child decorate the wall hangings. Let him display pictures of family, pets and friends. You can also let them hang memorabilia e.g. they can hang notes, ticket stubs or memorable items. Do this with help of double-stick tape. You can further let them decorate this with help of stickers, flowers, chipboard letter shapes etc.

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