How to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

Security surveillance camera systems have become a popular option these days not only for workplaces and public venues, but for private homes as well. If you are looking to improve the security of your house, setting up a monitoring system is a good way of doing that. You don’t need a professional home security systems expert to get this sort of job done. Typically, the installation process is relatively simple, especially because you, as the house owner, know the areas you want to observe using surveillance cameras.

Installing cameras in your house is not as hard as some of us may think. If you use a wireless security system, all you need to do is connect the camera to a power source as you will not need a video cable with that type of surveillance camera. The recorded video can be easily watched on a television set by connecting the camera to it through a video cable.


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    Consider obtaining a power source in the basement of your house. To power the camera, you will need to to use a light bulb socket outlet. A standard power outlet can also work well for the security system. Run a wire over to the eve where you want to set up the surveillance system.

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    Now consider drilling an opening in the outside eve where you want to install the security system so that you can run power through the opening to the surveillance camera.

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    It is now time to plug in the camera adapter in your basement power outlet. To make the cameras work, you should feed the electrical wire through the opening. Install and point your surveillance camera in the desired direction and connect it in.

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    Connect the surveillance camera recorder to your television set using a video cable. This will help you record videos and monitor the outside of your house. The process will help you see the clips from your camera when required. Make sure the quality and signal of the picture are clear. Usually, you can buy software from the camera dealer to enhance the quality of images. If you do not want to use a video cable to connect the cameras to the television set. Consider buying special wireless cameras that can be connected to a computer or a television by transmitting a signal to a dongle.

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